• My journey to advocating for voluntary human extinction began at school.

    I’d not heard of VHEMT before Les Knight’s piece in today’s Guardian. Hmmm…

  • Reading Reviews of Rise of Skywalker again. I can’t understand the slack people give movies that cost many millions. If a company spends immense sums on a movie it must be able to produce something that is FANTASTIC & not just “good if you didn’t like The Last Jedi”. 🍿

  • Cynic in me is wary of headlines like this one about GREGGS. Is it “virtue signalling” of a sort? https://www.theguardian.com/business/2020/jan/08/greggs-to-pay-workers-7m-bonus-after-vegan-sausage-roll-success

  • During surgery I was in a hotel overlooking a gorgeous Mediterranean beach. Nurse woke me up and I’m back in The Matrix! Did someone feed me the blue pill by mistake?

  • We’re going to watch the 1978 Superman movie tonight. I can remember seeing it in the cinema and wonder if that was when I started taking an interest in comicbooks as a child. I’ve not watched it in years and I’m hoping this 4K version looks good.

  • Went hunting through my longboxes for single issues of the 2011 Flashpoint. Couldn’t find any at all! I had memories of buying the main issues and some of the tie-ins. All I could find was the hardcover collection. Maybe my timeline has been changed!!! #flashpoint #doomsdayclock

  • Found this history of Pixar for £3 in a charity shop while I was waiting for Alice and Soren to buy food.

  • Also retrieved Batman 21-22 and Flash 21-22. The Button story. All lenticular covers.

    #dcrebirth #doomsdayclock

  • Dug out my copies of DC Rebirth 1. I’d forgotten that I had all the variant covers!

    #dcrebirth #doomsdayclock

  • I’m not sure what I think about Doomsday Clock’s final issue. I’m re-reading the whole thing from the Rebirth Special, The Button and Doomsday Clock 1-12. Rebirth appeared before Trump’s presidency, before Brexit and the election of Johnson as PM. What looked like the victory of Hope that seems to have driven John’s and Frank’s intentions appears to read very differently now. I’m confused about how credible Doomsday Clock’s message is now.


  • Just re-read Rebirth 1 from 2016. Before Trump’s election, before Brexit referendum, before election of Tories. Contrary to what happens in Doomsday Clock, I’m pretty sure the good guys lose!

  • Incredibly good piece by Gary Younge

    Elections are important. But there is more to politics than elections, and more to power than parliament.

  • Yes, the LoEG Tempest hardcover comes with 3D glasses! Absolutely loved it when I read it in single issues. Time for a re-read from Vol 1 over Xmas holidays!

  • Though I’m not sure Cream should have been treated so ignominiously.

  • Rolling Stones and Mozart CDs posted through catflap. Jan has no cultural discrimination!

  • So glad to see a new LoSH ongoing. Love the Legion! Worth it just to stare at Ryan Sook’s gorgeous artwork!

  • Have been staring at this for the last 6 hours! What the patients in the beds around me are suffering is pretty upsetting!

  • I’m perplexed by aspects of current English teaching. For instance, how can children study a novel at GCSE without understanding the plot? Seems to be considered an old-fashioned idea to guide children through a novel.

  • Baltimore and Witchfinder are two parts of the Mignolaverse I’ve never read. Baltimore first… !

  • So. The much-touted iOS 13 access to usb drives is crippled by the fact that the USB adapter requires a power source. Oh, and it won’t run off and external battery. Which rather puts an end to it as a mobile solution if it needs to be plugged in, doesn’t it?

  • Updating USB adapter. I didn’t know this was a thing.

  • chewing instead on a form of mildly anaesthetic British cabbage

    Michael Moorcock, Epic Pooh

    “I sometimes think that as Britain declines, dreaming of a sweeter past, entertaining few hopes for a finer future, her middle-classes turn increasingly to the fantasy of rural life and talking animals, the safety of the woods that are the pattern of the paper on the nursery room wall. Old hippies, housewives, civil servants, share in this wistful trance; eating nothing as dangerous or exotic as the lotus, but chewing instead on a form of mildly anaesthetic British cabbage. If the bulk of American sf could be said to be written by robots, about robots, for robots, then the bulk of English fantasy seems to be written by rabbits, about rabbits and for rabbits.”

  • The Lord of the Rings is a pernicious confirmation of the values of a declining nation

    Michael Moorcock:

    “The Lord of the Rings is a pernicious confirmation of the values of a declining nation with a morally bankrupt class whose cowardly self-protection is primarily responsible for the problems England answered with the ruthless logic of Thatcherism. Humanity was derided and marginalised. Sentimentality became the acceptable subsitute.”

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