• On the other hand, this Dollar Comics” reprint by DC is disappointing because it is full of modern ads rather than the original 70s ones… so the nostalgia is spoilt. (It’s the “Dark Genesis” story from Swamp Thing #1 rather than the first appearance in House of Secrets #92).

  • The Incredible Hulk #1. These facsimiles of the first issues of Marvel comics are fantastic. As close to having the original copy as a lack of $100ks allow.

  • Maximum Fantastic Four #1. Got this today. Panels of the first issue blown up to 1-2 page size. I had no idea this was put together by novelist Walter Moseley. There’s a good piece by Mark Evanier about the history and impact of the comic, too. The dust cover unfolds into a gigantic poster of the front cover. I’ve lost count how many times I’ve read FF #1.

  • Got a copy of Marvel Comics #1 80th Anniversary Edition today. It’s an (almost) perfect celebration of the first Goodman comic. The additional 100+ pages of material in the back is wonderful! My only minor criticism is (as usual) the modern digital recolouring. It’s just not quite right. This is a volume that any lover of old comics and #Marvel should definitely pick up!

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