• Read “The Crowd” by Ray Bradbury. Neat little grotesque story. #ss365 📚

  • Just read “White Rabbits” by Leonora Carrington. Odd, weird short story. The final image makes it memorable. #ss365 📚

  • Read “Smoke Ghost” by Fritz Leiber. Interesting tale that tries to modernise/urbanise the ghost story. Quite engaging. #ss365 📚

  • Read “The Beautiful People” by Charles Beaumont. Prescient tale about conformity and individuality - quite relevant today. Good story indeed. #ss365 📚

  • Just read “The Music of the Yellow Brass” by Charles Beaumont. Great story - my favourite of Beaumont’s - of a young matador the night before a bullfight. #ss365 📚

  • Read “The New People” by Charles Beaumont. Family move into neighbourhood which isn’t what it seems. Has (obvious) twist that I didn’t see coming. Enjoyed. #ss365 📚

  • Read “Last Rites” by Charles Beaumont. Should a priest administer to a dying robot who had masqueraded as a man? #ss365 📚

  • Read “The Monster Show” by Charles Beamont. TV controllers discussing show. The dialogue is electric but failed by a trite “twist” ending. #ss365 📚

  • Read “In His Image” by Charles Beaumont. Man returns to home town to find he isn’t remembered and things aren’t how they were. Unsettling. #ss365 📚

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