I wonder if I’m getting old? Increasingly I’m hesitating in upgrading software because I’ve got things set up just how I like them. My Macbook is woefully un-updated because I’ve got older apps I know will break if I update them. Then I read something like this and I’m not sure about whether I should upgrade to Drafts 5 (I use 4 constantly). I’ve been trying to justify upgrading to myself since 5 was released. I’m not seeing how it would improve how I use it. And yet I do use it massively - but is it worth £17.50 a year? (It seems to cost nearly $7 more in UK than US for some reason I’d be interested in knowing). Plus it ends up being another subscription to add to all the others. Would I pay £50 for Drafts as a one-off payment for what is essentially a note-taking app I’d use for the next 3 years? Probably not. Or is it I’m just getting old!